Specifically, Mineral and Petroleum Resources Engineering is all about wealth resources of the earth. Resources of the earth consist of oil mineral, solid mineral, natural gas and groundwater. Mineral and Petroleum Resources Engineering is the field of study that encompasses all the three state of matter i.e Solid, Liquid and Gas.

Nigeria is one of the richest country in the world, known fully that the energy that drives a nation is largely conditioned within the earth and to tap these wealth, Nigeria need technicians and technologists who should be capable in exploration and exploitation of these resources. Mineral and Petroleum Engineering Department was approved in 2015 by the Rector Dr. (Mrs) M.K Ladipo.

The programme was approved to run in polytechnics by NBTE in 2013 and Yaba College of Technology is the first to start the new programme, others that are running Mineral Resources Engineering are in the process of changing nomenclature to reflect the new programme. The department of Mineral and Petroleum Engineering was with the view of producing technicians and technologists who should be capable of carrying out core analysis, exploration and exploitation of Geology of the earth, Mining operations, Mineral processing, Solid mineral exploration, Quarry operation, Drilling operations, Reservoir evaluation, Well log interpretation, Well testing, Petroleum production, Natural gas processing, as well as Groundwater exploration. The department of Mineral and Petroleum Engineering has four laboratories equipped with high-tech equipment in Mining Engineering, Mineral processing Engineering, Geological Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.


The goal of the department is to produce technicians and technologists who should be skillful, intelligible and have interdisciplinary skills upon the successful completion of the programme. At ND level, the department aim to provide students with solid technical competence and analytical skills required to solve modern challenges and be self-sustaining/self-reliance. The knowledge and skills to be achieved through academic programme by the students are:

1. Basic understanding of the concepts and principles related to Geology, Mining,Mineral Processing and Petroleum Engineering as a foundation for further studies.

2. Basic concepts and principles of Mineral and Petroleum Engineering such as mineral and mining exploration, geological exploration, mineral processing, petroleum exploration and exploitation.

3. Knowledge of groundwater exploration, hydrology as well as oceanography for fresh water borehole drilling.

4. Ability to read and interpret drawings related to field trip, use of equipment and components.

5. Knowledge of various material sciences used in mineral processing, their properties and specification.

6. Ability to calculate the reserve of solid mineral and oil mineral, data inputs, manpower requirement and output from production.

7. Appreciation of the need of clean environment, safety regulations and industrial accidents preventives procedures in process industries.

8. Proficiency in the use of computers and its application to solve common mineral and petroleum engineering problems.

9. Knowledge of well logging, petroleum production, well testing and drilling control activities to ensure conformity with standards in mineral and oil industries.