The vision of the department is to develop high quality programmes of teaching and research that will enable our students to play leading roles in the chemical, biochemical, petroleum, materials and environmental industries and to educate future generations of our discipline. At ND level, we aim to provide our students with solid technical competence, social responsibility and analytical skills required to solve modern challenges and self-sustaining technological advancement.

This we hope to achieve through academic programme seeking to address the following:

i. Basic understanding of concepts and principles related to applied sciences as a foundation for further studies.

ii. Basic concepts and principles of Chemical Engineering such as material and energy balance, unit operations, unit processes, process instrumentation e.tc.

iii. Ability to read and interpret drawings related to plant layout, process equipment and components.

iv. Knowledge of various materials used in chemical processes, their properties and specifications.

v. Ability to calculate the quantity of raw materials, energy inputs, manpower requirement and output from production process.

vi. Appreciation of the need of clean environment, safety regulations and industrial accidents preventive procedures in process industries.

vii. Proficiency in the use of computers and its application to solve common engineering problems.

viii. Knowledge of testing and quality control activities to ensure conformity with standards.

Our educational training covers the areas of specialization like Biochemical Engineering, Environmental and Energy Engineering, Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Petrochemical/Petroleum Engineering, Reaction Engineering, Unit Operations, Process Economics and Design, Process Control and Optimisation, Polymer Engineering.